What is the Foundation

Fundación Punto is started as a response to the great need from parents to understand how and what to do so that their children can use of internet in a safe way.


What we do

As a Foundation,  we wish to bring  together parents and children in a way that they can enjoy the advantages of internet  without the risk  that it presents.

Our objective is to get a hold of tools in the many different formats – videos, presentations, documents – that provide recommendations on behalf of the Foundation experts or that other institutions may have and wish to share with our community.




Our Objective

We will try, within our means and of our resources, to obtain and generate content in Spanish but if we consider the material to be relevant or important enough, in some opportunities we will upload content in English.

We will place all our efforts to establish a fluent channel to communicate with the community, in a way that we may be able to support parents and children along this path.

Lastly, feedback is essential, to know how we are doing, what areas we may improve, what content is relevant and useful for our community is of vital importance to be able to continue progressing.  In order to progress, we need your voice and opinion.


This is the testimony that Amanda Todd uploaded to the Internet on September 7, 2012. The video tells us how she had been cyberbullied and all the problems that she had, which eventually led her to kill herself on October 10, 2012.

Audio is in spanish but the text cards are the original ones in English.

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