Content generation

While being fortunate in having achieved two major strategic agreements with companies such as Microsoft and Google to use the content that these companies have prepared on education of a safe use of the Internet, we must constantly translate such content, in some cases, with an aim to reach all of our community.

We want to get the support from all companies in the industry and so that we become an information center on everything related to online safety, responsible use of social networking and on the experience our children are living today on the web.

We believe that the coming months and years, we may have the support of the vast majority of the industry, but also want to generate content based on our own experience, with the vision of our expert volunteers from different areas of sciences, technology, medicine, legal and judicial areas.

These are the reason why  we need funding in order to carry out all this work and effort, which may range from producing studies, translating documents, website updating, the website that you are enjoying at this very moment.

We want you to consider collaborating with us with your time, as a volunteer, or through a donation of money to help finance this group of professionals who we want to retain and hire within the following 12 months.

As of now, our many thanks

If you wish to register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the following link.

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