In our society, Cyber bullying is a problem that has come to stay. What some do in the privacy of their homes, protected by the anonymous condition of internet, is putting at stake our children´s well being.

As parents, we may be alert that our children aren´t the ones abusing of others, avoiding further spread of this plague.

Maybe that we have an opportunity to be there and hold out a comforting hand when our loved ones fall victims to this type of attack is most important.

Our goal is to get a hold of material on this subject matter, translate and/ or produce it if this does not exist. We want to create Talks for parents and children, in English and Spanish, and develop a set of explanatory flyers, fact sheets on what to do when someone falls victim to cyber bullying.

Your contributions will make this and much more possible. We count on you.

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The video you are looking at is the case that motivated us to set up a Foundation. What Amanda Todd lived was triggered by Cyber bullying, of which she became victim. We wish we could have been there and maybe her story would´ve had a very different ending.

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