Geek Club

An interesting challenge that we have to consider as a foundation has been to approach content and education  among young people that are fully transitioning on to becoming teenagers, many of them already use or are becoming familiar with social networking tools and imposing on them what not to do, doesn´t amount to anything.

This is why we have created a concept by which we believe we can be of help in a positive way, educating in a safe and responsible manner on the use of these social networking tools, as well as providing tools  that will be useful in their future development.

The Project consists in creating a curriculum and the tools needed for children who are in after school programs, to participate in what we call “Geek Club”.  In this club they can learn how to make their club logo, publish their web page using WordPress web technology, modifying the available templates, connecting this  to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, measuring  the use with GoogleAnalytics and finally connecting  all this to a YouTube channel.

Basically, it is the creation of a virtual environment that covers both digital and video content that will deal  with individual school activities where these children may take on internal media center or role  within their school.

By doing it in an entertaining and dynamic way, we can provide tools that come directly from major software suppliers with whom we are working with today. Teach these kids how to use the latest tools in a fun way since they are the ones who choose the content they generate and publish it.

We already have come to an agreement with a nonprofit organization in the US called Jubilee Reach that assists over 4700 children at no cost, providing afterschool activities. In the last quarter of 2013 we´ll be implementing this innovative program in two schools, as a pilot program.

Once we have implemented this program and have statistics on improvement of attendance or grades of the children participating in the club, we may take this program to all schools who wish to implement it, both in the U.S. and Latin America.

In order to make this program come to life we need funding  to purchase the necessary equipment (computers, video cameras, microphones, as well as funds to hire monitors that will make the program entertaining, comprehensible and educative).

We hope to count on your support either with time or money, or ideas that will make this program the success we expect it to be and we thank you for it.

To register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the next link.

If you wish to register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the following link.

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