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The volumes of content  which we have access to just by being in the United States and within the technological community is huge, in order to be successful and to get this important message to a lot of young kids and parents, we need speakers to give out this message, and with a  little bit of training and  audiovisuals, and specifically Talks in a PowerPoint format. Any parent that today uses Facebook or Twitter, and send and receive emails is able to stand  and speak in front of their children´s classroom,  scout  group, church community, or just in front of their children.

The message is clear, we want you speaker, to give the Talks; we want you to help us spread the message to all possible schools; we want all the parent clubs to hear this message.

We believe that in a positive and  enlightened way,  with the content matter that we are generating, we can make a major change toward a safe and responsible use of Internet by our community.

This project aims to create such content, the videos to instruct speakers, the documents that will be part of the Talks and those videos that will be made part of each session.

Finally, we believe that when a parent approaches h and is involved ins or hers children´s classroom,  one way or another creates a new bridge with their own child that will open doors to many aspects of communication,  knowing that our day to day lives are fast and full of commitments, but that gleam in your child´s  eyes  when you are giving the Talk in their classroom is priceless.

We ask you to help this project become reality by giving us time to carry it forward or money to carry it on.

But most importantly is that we want you to be one of our volunteers, one of the volunteers that gives these Talks, in all schools in Latin America and in the United States.

As of now, our  many thanks

To register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the next link.

If you wish to register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the following link.

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