Talks for kids

We want to provide appropriate content for different ages in their own language and with messages that are appropriate for their web experience, the children of today are tomorrow’s teenagers and we have the opportunity to adequately prepare them for the opportunities and risks they will be faced with.

Based on our experience, reaching elementary aged children we give them the tools they will use later on when they become teenagers and have access to the tools and world of social networking, in many cases may postpone opening accounts on Facebook or Twitter, this is a great achievement when the decision is taken by the child and is not imposed by an adult.

At this stage, educationally more permeable and fun we want to show the kids the world of enormous opportunities that they will be able use, at the right moment in a joint decision with their parents.

That is why we need contributions to generate this content and prepare speakers,  to date this is perhaps one of the most important areas and unfortunately,  we do not have much  background in this area, so we count on your generosity.

As of now, we thank you.

If you wish to register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the following link.

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