Talks for Parents

Through this Project we wish to develop a series of Talks in Spanish as well as in English with an aim to illustrate and educate parents in  terms of how our children are using internet  today.

Internet is one and the same, there isn´t an  internet  for children and one for adults, this  represents a threat since some content is designed for people with grown-up criteria,  content  which is readily available  for children of any age,  content that may  negatively impact your child´s education.

Your support in terms of time or money, as a volunteer in this project, will allow us to improve the content of Talks, as well as having a set group of knowledgeable speakers on the subject.

Finally, in order to provide this content, it is necessary to have the basic equipment such as computers and also Projects that will allow us to visit any school or organization to be bring forward  this message at no cost, to whoever wishes to listen to it.

If you wish to register as a Volunteer for the foundation just click on the following link.

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